The second phase of the STAMP project (€3.3 million) is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands through its Embassy in Mali. ORANGE Mali which manages and commercially operates the call centre, uses its networks and the technical solutions necessary for collecting and sharing field data. TASSAGHT local NGO supervises the collection and sharing of field data and raises awareness among pastoralists on the use of the service. Satellite data are processed and stored by Hoefsloot Spatial Solution. The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries and its departments support the service promotion in the field, share and validate the disseminated information, particularly as regards the updating of legislation and regulations related to production, animal industries and pastoral development, animal and veterinary  health. The project is also supported by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Communication, which is involved in the governance of the service. Finally, SNV, which conceived the service, coordinates the project and ensures that it best matches the needs, realities and aspirations of pastoralists.